At least I'm Me - Guest Blogger Alyssa Goodyear

Are you embarrased that you need help? Struggling to manage life and mental health and doing it all alone? For Freedom Counselling’s is excited to announce our FIRST Guest Blogger Alyssa Goodyear who writes about the difficulty of asking for help when it comes to mental health. As a 17 year old recent grad, I think you will be as impressed as me with the amount if insight, wisdom, and courage she has regarding receiving help. Let us know what you think when it comes to reaching out for help! Like, comment and share :)

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Decisions, Moments, Fear and a Kitchen Island

Analysis paralysis is real! If you are an over thinker this post is for you. With the perspective that life is made up moments, exploring how we respond to these moments, and what is the basis for our decisions can help us find freedom from fear in decision making and launch us into trust in God’s goodness.

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